Almost every day we pull out our wallets. Petrol, coffee, lunch, parking, dinner. Spending money is something we do so often that it can become an ingrained habit which we are so numb to that we do it even without realising. Have any of you ever checked your bank account and seen un-cleared transactions in the last few days where you’re left scratching your head as to what you purchased or paid for? I have. How many of you open your Internet Banking to look at the balance but have no clue how you ended up at that net position, or only a vague idea? It seems nuts to me that so many of us can relate to this. Men created computers, spaceships, built the pyramids and created civil society. Yet, we don’t know what we spent $1.99 on at a damn newsagent less than 24hrs ago?


Any of you men with a female partner would be painfully aware of the conundrum that awaits when she decides she wants to eat out, or declares that there’s “nothing to eat” at home (even when there’s bread and spread, noodles, or another unexciting yet sufficient source of sustenance to see us through until the next meal). Sometimes there is something wholesome or hearty but it’s not up their alley and subsequently is unsatisfactory for consumption by default. This scenario is almost always a zero sum game for a man.


Usually there’s a few outcomes in such an instance:

  1. You take her out to dinner somewhere she approves of (which you will most likely pay for).
  2. You order delivery, or go and collect take-away (again, get ready to pay).
  3. You go and buy ingredients then bring them home for cooking (if she cooks, you’ve effectively just handed her a blank IOU).


Where’s the mutual reciprocity? Sometimes we get sex, physical intimacy or gratitude expressed towards us. Often however, stepping up and taking the lead is simply expected and our meeting of these expectations is a thankless endeavour.


Full disclosure, there are some women that turn this rule on its head and are totally chill to makes or obtain their own dinner (even ours with no reciprocal expectations) eat noodles with us or happily pay their own way. They are the exception, not the rule. Those women also are probably feminine and respond best to men who have archetypal masculine traits, set boundaries, and lead.


Something that’s always blown me away is how selflessly generous and easy going men as a collective are, in comparison. I felt compelled to write this blog post after events over the last few days. I took my motorbike to the repairer the other day to get my rear tyre repaired after a puncture and I had a pleasant exchange with the gentleman behind the counter. His name was Tony and I detected an English accent albeit faint. I handed him my keys and he walked outside with me to inspect my bike.


Completely voluntarily and without me saying a word, he decided to do an impromptu check of my bike inspecting my tyre wear, brake pads, indicators, lights and all other important elements. He noted my rear tyre was almost overdue for replacement and suggested that perhaps I may wish to replace the tyre for $280 rather than get it fixed for $80 to save me some money in the long term. “Great idea!” I thought, and gave him the thumbs up to do so. He recommended a Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tyre rather than the Pirelli Angel GT even though the Michelin was $10 cheaper. Having spoken highly of both tires, him and the other guys recommended the Michelin and told me they had it on their bikes. Decision made. I left the bike with them to get that done as well as a short on the headlight circuit sorted and new aftermarket foot-pegs fitted.


Less than 48hrs later I received a text letting me know my bike was ready and how much it would be. I went back to collect it, although due to my working hours and the distance to the shop from work, I arrived only minutes after the service department had closed. Regardless, Tony opened the roller door and security boom to get my bike out outside of hours. What a guy! When going over my invoice, I realised they hadn’t done my roadworthy certificate (Pink Slip) to certify me for re-registration. This was important to get done since the registration was due to expire 6 days after I fly out to Latvia which would have left me in rather a predicament. When I explained my situation, he said to me “Maybe we can help each other out here”. He proceeded to explain that someone had previously used a Toll Road on a loan bike for which they couldn’t find the loan agreement to facilitate a charge-back, and that to attempt to write off this toll through the accounts department would be nothing short of an ongoing headache.


The solution? I pay the un-allocated toll charges and he provides me with a Pink Slip at $0. Considering that a Pink Slip costs in excess of $30 and the toll was a touch over $17, I didn’t hesitate to facilitate this mutually reciprocal exchange. Tony and I were both stoked and both of us parted as winners.


The day after, I rode my bike to work so I could give the new rear tyre on the bike a scrub-in. At 11° Celsius (approx. 51° Fahrenheit), it was a chilly morning by all accounts. Given that my riding gloves had been binned due to becoming mold infested during winter, riding with bare hands was the only available option. I arrived at the coffee van I frequent on the way to work, unable to wipe the grin off my face as I removed my helmet. While making me my coffee, my jovial Greek barista Dimitri mentioned to me that he had sold his Honda CBR1000RR over a month prior and was having withdrawals. He is an avid enthusiast with a classic convertible and is currently building an insane race car. I’ve seen his cars and they are immaculate, so I know he looks after his vehicles.


Dimitri has been through multiple false allegations and on his daughter’s birthday this year, she begged her Mum to see him for her birthday. Due to an ADVO and upcoming court case pending, he wasn’t able to contact her. Imagine his surprise when his ex-wife (who made the false allegations) rocked up on his doorsteps with his daughter on her birthday so she could see his Dad. Without going into any further detail, he’s been through the usual Feminist Family Court fuckery and it’s ongoing (by the way, his daughter spent a solid chunk of the school holidays that just finished in the last week or so with him)


Upon hearing that he’d sold his bike and was really missing it, I explained to him that I didn’t want the bike un-ridden for a month (as I don’t have sheltered parking at my home) and that I know how much he misses riding, so I’d be happy to let him take and ride my bike while I’m away overseas. “You’re doing me a favour bro” I said. He knowingly looked at me knowing it was me doing him the favour. “Are you due for a service soon?” he queried? I responded affirmatively and he immediately insisted that he service it and replace my oil + oil filter as well as use a plastic bonding compound to repair a fairing crack from a previous drop when someone reversed into it. I went to pay for my coffee and he looked at me like I was on crack. “Are you kidding me? You’re lending me your bike and you think I’m gonna let you pay for your coffee?”. The agreement was sealed with a handshake and he picked up the bike that night after voluntarily giving me his full name and home address. Mutual trust was absolutely established.


I woke up the morning after seeing my Kawasaki ride off in safe hands, intent on going and buying some new shirts for my trip. I visited multiple men’s fashion stores at a Factory Outlet centre in Sydney. Some looked so underwhelming that I didn’t even bother peeking my head in. I passed by multiple, before encountering one that was incredibly well presented. I walked in and was greeted by the 2 men staffing the store. They understood from my friendly but clear body language that I wasn’t ready to be served. When I was, I walked near to the counter and he made eye contact with a friendly smile.


I complimented him on the presentation of the store, and we got chatting about consumer behaviour, foot traffic, customer perception and how every little detail counts. Our conversation spanned multiple topics and by the end we were chatting like old friends. I had to tell him “Ok I’d better have a look at some shirts before I lose track of time”. He listened, read between the lines of what I was trying to convey and took me to exactly the kind of styles I was after. Once I’d picked a handful of shirts and a tie (without having discussed price) I asked if he could look after me on price. After ringing up all the items and staring intently at his screen, he leaned over the counter and quietly asked if I was able to go and get cash out and he could look after me even more. I obliged and did so. He explained that he’ll do it for me for staff price, but can’t give me a receipt. I agreed and we proceeded. The saving on already discounted items was significant. We shook hands, exchanged names and I was welcomed to come and say hi anytime I’m in the centre.


Today, I’m off to Latvia. I took my sunglasses with me on my cap but forgot to bring my micro-fibre sleeve with me. When I arrived at my first destination in Abu Dhabi I went to a sunglasses shop who sold the same brand of sunnies as mine and asked if it was possible to purchase a replacement sleeve. After looking he said he was sorry but he didn’t have any. I told him I was grateful for him looking, and that I appreciated his effort. In that moment he looked at me, said “Wait just one second”. He went to the other side of the kiosk, foraged through a few drawers, came back with a protective sleeve in his hand and handed it to me. It was clearly not a resale product and was a different glasses brand’s sleeve, but it fit. I said “You’re the best. How much do I owe you?”. He gave me a knowing look and said “it’s for you”. I shook his hand, smiled in gratitude and said “Thank you brother” before heading to my gate for the next leg of the flight to Zurich which I’m on right now as I type this thought piece (although I probably won’t be by the time I finish it).


Already I’ve saved almost 50% off my green slip, gotten a free bike service and fairing repair, a free coffee and a massive discount on some epic shirts… in roughly 48hrs. Sure, I still spent a fair bit of money BUT, both parties benefited in some way in each arrangement. It got me thinking about other examples of where men come to mutually beneficial arrangements. One such textbook example is men donating to me as a thank you for providing them with entertainment, words of wisdom, Red Pill knowledge, or a glimmer of encouragement through my ideas and perspectives I present on my YouTube channel that they really needed. They get something of value to them, and I get something of value to me. Sometimes such non-monetary thanks comes in the form of verbal appreciation, a story about how my words have helped them, or simply people sharing my content with others who may need or want to hear it.


How about those times where you’ve got a friend that you’ve always got covered when they need advice on what phone to buy, or how to deal with a difficult employer, or they just need you to help them out with something, whatever that something may be? Then you go through a divorce and end up homeless in a matter of seconds once a pivotal moment transpires and that same guy opens his home to you the moment he hears about your predicament, not asking for a cent or a finger to be lifted in return.


I know this is going to seem off topic but it’s extremely relevant. Do you know how the Jewish community all over the world has become so wealthy on balance? They tend to spend within their community. Some people may be critical of such an economic methodology. As much as some people may wish to claim that this approach is unfair, impractical or without merit, I disagree. The proof of concept is evident in the outcome.


Feminists routinely complain about the “wage gap” which is fundamentally an earnings gap, even though women work significantly less hours on average than men across every age group from 15yrs old, to over 75yrs old. This was proven by the outcomes of the 2016 Census conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Australia. Yet grossly obese and intellectually inept purple haired Gender Studies grads won’t stop squawking about the fact that they get paid less as a part time Barista who can’t even make a flat white properly than someone with a Petroleum Engineering degree who works 75+ hours a week and is responsible for billions of dollars in revenue for their employer. On the other hand, the corrupt Feminists running the “Family Courts” aka Vagina Courts have absolutely zero issue with stripping men of a lifetime of earnings (often leaving them destitute with net earnings below the poverty line) to make an ex-wife, ex-de facto partner, ex-girlfriend, or even just a girl who decided to have a baby from a one night stand financially stable so they FEEL more comfortable and don’t have to worry about money. Feminists’ complete inability to comprehend this double standard just blows my mind.



I would love to continue see the withdrawal of funds by men from companies that act as a Trojan Horse for Feminists to push their anti-male and completely insane social engineering agenda. This has started to happen. The most recent and striking example of the financial clout we have as a collective is the $8B nose-dive of Gillette’s market value after their “Toxic Masculinity” ad campaign served up by nasty Feminists attempting to shame men into subservient feminised puppets for their own cause.



Personally, I want to see more men spending money on goods and services from other men’s businesses, who then receive that profit and invest it with the view to financial growth, freedom and independence. Ideally, those men would not be married or legally co-habiting with a woman unless the majority of their wealth and assets are hidden or legally untouchable by ANY government or legal body no matter how much the Feminists running said entities kick, screech and scream.


A textbook example of such a model is Red Pill ring. Conceptualised and sold by a MGTOW. The jeweller who hand makes the rings is also a MGTOW and as such, spends little or no money on a romantic partner. This means lower wholesale production costs which means less cost from end to end and everyone keeps more money in their pockets. On top of that, you guys can get a further discount at by using the discount code SYDNEYMGTOW at the checkout. MGTOW from concept to finger. Not one single cent of your money goes to someone else’s romantic partner. This idea spans multiple industries where men have had enough and are saying “NO”.


Men, this is the Brotherhood Economy. It’s time to get smart with our money and keep it in our community. Spend out of necessity, not convenience. Spend consciously, not unconsciously. Speak to a MGTOW accountant. Speak to a MGTOW lawyer. Protect yourself, your assets, and make sure you spend your money where it’s appreciated.


Your financial future and the future of our brothers is bright. Let’s say “NO” with our wallets to the people that will never appreciate what’s in them.